Thursday, August 5, 2010

We've Moved!

If you liked this blog, and wanted to keep tabs on our lives, you can find us at

This is our new blog about our life in China.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Things I'll miss

Things I'll Miss:

  1. Service-uh (the giving of free things, especially toilet paper and ice cream).
  2. Heated Toilet Seats. No not from other people's asses being on them, but rather the cool Japanese ultra toilet seats. Just. Plain. Awesome.
  3. Being a celebrity.
  4. Random hiking tails, complete with water, soju, and food if you need it.
  5. Klogic.
  6. Kim Bap Nara.
  7. Consuming massive amounts of pork.
  8. Students and their use of English.
  9. My school
  10. Even my co-teachers.
  11. Finding western food products/stores in random places.
  12. Getting wicked excited for a soccer game.
  13. Norea Buses (yes, thats right, kareoke on a bus)
  14. What just happened nights.
  15. Being told I'm beautiful by strangers, every day.
  16. $10 hair cuts, complete with the best head massage ever!
  17. Easy transportation around the country (buses, trains, planes, automobiles, and even boats!)
  18. Service-uh
  19. Crazy and wicked scary, yet fun taxi rides.
  20. Randomness that is Korea.
  21. Ajumas (old married ladies).
  22. Kim Bap
  23. Friends
  24. Friends
  25. And last but not least. Friends (and service-uh).

Things I Won't Miss:

  1. Klogic
  2. Taxi driving
  3. Eating "surprise" dinners (aka: teacher dinners where I have to pretend to eat live octopus, crazy seafood items, raw fish, etc).
  4. Destroying my liver.
  5. Squatter Toilets (even though I know they are in China, I secretly hope they are not).

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No I'm not a pirate, but I am sure as mad as one.

All my pictures from Nov-2008 to Nov-2009 are gone.



Very bad.

Uggg! It was my plan to send this site to a blog bookmaker company so that we could have a photo album/journal of our time here....but now, with no pictures.

I guess I just have to load them all on to the blog again...unless someone out there knows how to else to do it.

Grrrrr... (and now I'm not allowed to publish this post with exclamation points. wtf blogger??)

Friday, July 2, 2010

List of Love

Here's to the start of my list(s). There is no particular order or number. I am just writing things down as they come to me.

  1. Love from Strangers: Strangers love us. They love to tell us we are beautiful. They love to smile at me, hold my hand, touch my hair. If I'm ever angry, I don't stay that way for too long because I get stranger love. I mean, what gets you out a bad mood faster than being told your beautiful or given a free apple? Nothing. It happens daily. Old people, young people, people in the middle all love to see us. They love to say "You are beautiful." It doesn't get old. EVER. I makes me happy.

  2. Love for Foreigners: This is much different from Stranger Love, but the effect is the same. Ed and I have found that the people here are extremely generous and helpful, only because we are foreigners. Giving a good impression is important here, and trust me, the Korean people have won us over! Service-uh (the giving of free stuff) is greatly appreciated in this household.

  3. Love of Soju: This kind of love is a special love. Its the kind of love you know is not good for you, but every once in a while, you love to get your Soju love on. You see, Soju is a dangerous, dangerous drink. It creeps up on you. It makes you dance in the streets. It makes you sing ridiculous songs in a norae bong. It can even make you pass out randomly in the streets (Thanks to Blackout Korea for some proof of what I'm talking about). But you can have the best time when Soju is around. It is liquid courage for many people here. Its the cultural barrier breaker. Its ability to enable all of us to interact (like fools most of the time) is notorious and wonderful. Its Soju Love.

  4. Love of Ice Cream: Koreans love ice-cream. Thank God! Because that means I get to eat it all the time, any where, and in any season. It could be 40 below and there will be a group of small children licking down some delicious ice cream cone. I love ice cream. Koreans love ice cream. It is a match made in heaven.

  5. Love of Pork: The sheer amount of pork that consumed in this country is amazing. But seriously, how awesome is pork? It makes any day better. And by God, a belly full of sam gyup sal (bbq pork) is pretty amazing. I will greatly miss the meat bellies and meat comas induced by consuming large amounts of pork and only pork.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Countdown begins...

With less than twenty days left in Korea, I've been trying to decide how to give it a proper send off. I think I've decided on making a list (Ed gasping in the background) of the things that have become most important to me while here. And because I can be very long winded and because I have a lot to say about Korea, I'm going to do it in segments. So be on the look out for:

Ed and Jen's Super Korean List!